Engagement Agreement

By signing this agreement you (the client) agree to engage with Veritas Noble and agree to allow us to consult with our specialist tax advisers in respect of your Research & Development Tax claim with HMRC for your first and second claims respectively.

You (the client) agree to pay Veritas Noble 22.5% of the total benefit to your company once the claim has been successfully validated by HMRC.

Terms of the engagement

  • Veritas Noble will operate on a No Win – No Fee basis strictly.
  • The client will pay the 22.5% (as per agreed terms above) fee to Veritas Noble within 5 days upon receipt of invoice
  • The client confirms that their appointment of Veritas Noble and their tax advisers is made exclusively for the claim in this agreed period; and that this exclusivity remains in duration of the active claim.

This agreement is legally binding and subject to UK law and commences from the date upon which this agreement is signed and shall be valid for 1 year with a renewal option on an annual basis, subject to agreement between parties.

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