R&D Tax Credit 2019 – What you need to know

R&D Tax Credit 2019

Are you a Small to Medium-Sized Enterprise? Do you believe that innovation is the key to sustainable success and keeping you ahead of the curve? If so, you likely dedicate a great deal of your time, effort and financial resources to the research and development of new technologies. The kind of R&D that drives not […]

Growth of the UK construction sector

The UK construction sector is a crucial part of Britain’s economy. Over the years, there has been a substantial level of growth in this sector. In 2019, the construction sector contributed £117 billion to the UK economy. This amounts to 6% of the total revenue. The sector also accounts for 7% of the jobs throughout […]

What are the fastest growing business sectors in the UK?

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There are numerous reasons to explore which industries are thriving. You might, for instance, be currently considering a change in career. By being aware of industries that are seeing a fantastic level of growth, you will know whether your dream career will be the right financial decision. Alternatively, you could be exploring investment opportunities.  You […]

How to identify market trends for long-term business planning

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It can often be a constant struggle for business owners to remain on top of the latest market trends. Particularly, when you need to focus your time on core processes that relate to the longevity of your business model. However, being aware of marketing trends will often provide businesses with a significant advantage. Approached correctly, […]

3 business trends to lookout for in 2020

2020 has just begun and there have already been several events that are expected to have significant ramifications for the UK and indeed the world economy. The Coronavirus has already surpassed the SARs outbreak and is bringing the Chinese economy to a standstill. The first confirmed case in the UK is expected within the next […]

The importance of proper tax planning

Tax planning is beneficial for businesses of all sizes. Whether you own a small company or a large-scale operation, it pays to invest in effective tax planning services and to take advantage of expert advice and assistance. Tax planning facilitates stress-free financial management and enables businesses to capitalise on tax incentives.  What exactly is tax […]

Fastest growing SMEs in the North of England

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Many experts describe SMEs as a fundamental element of the British economy. Indeed, reports reveal that these businesses account for 60% of the private sector economy. As well as providing jobs they bring innovation. As such, it’s worth exploring the UK SMEs that are seeing the greatest levels of growth. Typically, the companies with the […]

How can finance help a small business grow?

can i claim R&D tax credits

Business owners are constantly looking for ways to ensure that their companies grow and expand on the market. Sustainable levels of growth can lead to great benefits including protected levels of longevity. But how can companies achieve this goal? While there are a number of options to consider, the best possibility is usually going to […]

Staggering facts about the UK economy

How much is R&D tax credit

The United Kingdom may be small – it’s the 80th largest country – but it has a significant impact on the world economy. Indeed, it has the 5th largest GDP. The issues surrounding Brexit and the uncertainty about the ripples generated by the departure could hit the world economy hard, causing many world leaders to […]

Does my business qualify for R&D credits?

Millions of businesses are missing out on R&D tax credits, and yours could be one of them. Despite a wide eligibility criteria and valuable benefits, few business owners are aware of the availability of tax credits. As a result, they’re missing out on critical funding and reduced tax liabilities. What are R&D tax credits? Designed […]