Business Finance

Whatever your business’s current financial needs, Veritas Noble is here to help and assist you. We have a very wide range of business financing options for you to take advantage of and a team of financial experts in place to help you find the one that works for you.

You’ll find a range of funding and financing solutions to address lots of different challenges that businesses like yours might face. With our help, you’ll find the financing solution you require. Find out about the different types of business finance we offer below.

VAT Funding

VAT funding is a way of solving the problems associated with having cash tied up in short-term expenditures such as VAT. It’s all about cash flow, which, as you know, is a vital consideration when running a business. Short-term financial solutions such as VAT funding can help to keep your business running smoothly so that cash flow problems don’t occur.


This option takes the pressure off your cash reserves and ensure you have working capital in the areas of your business where you need it most by spreading your VAT payments. You’ll only have to pay fixed monthly repayments and our rates are among the most competitive around. It’s quick and easy, which will benefit you.

R&D Tax Credit Funding

If you’re waiting for your R&D tax credits to be funded, it can help to access finance that allows you to start the important work you want to push ahead with. Delayed credit funding can hold up your business and cause all kinds of problems going forward, but you don’t have to accept the situation.

Research and development often can’t wait for your funding to arrive. If that’s the situation you find your business in right now, our R&D tax credit funding could be just what you require to get your business’s R&D efforts properly kickstarted.

Corporation Tax

Corporation tax is something that all businesses have to pay, but that doesn’t mean you have to let it derail your business and put it in a difficult financial position. With our corporation tax financing options, you can spread the sum of your corporation tax bill over a full 12 month period, alleviating some of the pressure your business might otherwise experience.

It’s the sensible way to deal with your business’s biggest tax burden. If corporation tax has held your business back in the past and stopped you from achieving some of the things you need to achieve with your company, be sure to consider our simple and straightforward corporation tax financing option today.

R&D Short-Term Stock Funding

If you need to cover the cost of short-term stock buying, our funding option can make that happen. We’ve helped lots of businesses find the right short-term stock funding solution and we’ll be more than happy to do the same for you and your company too.

This option allows you to release working capital from stock and this kind of financing is used by many different companies in a range of industries. Get in touch if you’d like to discuss this funding option with a member of our team.


If the time has come for your business to invest in the refurbishment of equipment or carry out office refurbishments, our finance options can help you make that happen. Businesses need to evolve and improve over time, but the refurbishments that make that possible can be costly. It’s important to approach these changes in the right way and taking out a loan from us might be the best option for you.

Whether you’re looking to refurbish your workplace or some vital equipment your business relies on each day, make sure you consider our finance options. Doing so will ensure your business can carry on operating and doesn’t lose money that needs to be spent on other areas of the business as you carry out the refurbishments.

Property Purchase Deposits

Businesses require a property that meets your needs and ensures your team have the space and facilities in which to do their best work. If you’re looking to cover the costs of the deposit for a new property purchase, our financing options can help you with that.

We’ve helped many businesses just like yours with the cost of paying for the deposit on their new properties. It ensures you can keep your finances balanced in check, even when buying a new property where you plan on basing your business going forward.

Unpaid Invoices

Covering the cost of unpaid invoices is something that can trouble lots of businesses. Some clients simply pay late or try not to pay at all if they can get away with it. But even if you know you’re going to get paid eventually, the cost of late payments can take its toll on your business.

With the use of unpaid invoice financing or invoice factoring, you can sell your accounts receivable to help you meet your need for immediate cash. It helps with cash flow and ensures you have access to the money you need at all times.

We can help you!

Each of these business finance options are available for you to take advantage of here at Veritas Noble. We’ll be more than happy to discuss these options with you and give you more details when you get in touch. We have a hard-working and efficient team that’s already been trusted by many businesses like yours.

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