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It’s our mission to help you to obtain the funding that you need to ensure that your business dream comes true. With us, you can get the help that you need to overcome your financial obstacles and grow your business.

We can help with all types of business funding.

As a small business owner, you might think that financing and funding a new business in the UK might seem overwhelming, but you’ve got options, and Veritas Noble can help you find the best option for you. Whilst the British Business Bank helps many businesses, we support those who are looking for other types of funding.

With the proper funding and business financing, you’ll be able to grow your business and concentrate on what you’re good at, without worrying about the financial aspect of your business.

Let’s check out some of the courses of action you can take to make sure your business starts on the right foot by taking advantage of governmental credits and possible cash advances, capital finance, long term finance, and asset finance.

Loan options at Veritas Noble

It can take time to receive credit rebates, so there are other options that Veritas Noble can help with, from common long-term financing to shorter-term loan options. We have an entire range of business finance solutions to help your business grow, these can help with cash flow and purchase of equipment. We even have invoice financing facilities available which means you can draw down on invoices that have not been paid yet. The application process is straight forward and hassle-free which allows you to focus on running your business and not worrying about endless pieces of paperwork.

Unsecured business loans

If you want to get your company up and running quickly, you have the option of having Veritas Noble utilise their large range of lenders to finance an unsecured small business loan, sometimes referred to as a signature loan.

This is a great option if you’d like to pay back the loan with your R&D credit rebate, and do not have assets to use as security against a traditional loan. Instead, the loan is paid back over a specific period of time. Used in conjunction with R&D credits, this creates a great solution for brand new businesses.

Asset-backed financing

If your business plan includes needing specific equipment, then asset-based financing can be a great option. Don’t worry if your assets are small; these loans that Veritas Noble organises are a loan on the asset that you’re looking to acquire.

When you’re a growing business, it can be hard obtaining all the things you need to develop and produce the perfect product, which is why this type of asset-based financing can help. From shredders to manufacturing equipment, Veritas Noble can establish a loan to get you the items you need, and quickly.

Capital Financing

A common business method of financing relies on capital financing, which can include equity financing. Equity financing, this allows you, as a business owner, to sell an ownership stake in your business by issuing stocks or bonds, and receive financing or cash in exchange.

This way to raise money allows you to borrow money to pay for business operations. The potential lenders become a more traditional investor in this sense.

Brand new businesses are typically not diluted yet from multiple investors, so this is an option that Veritas Noble can help you secure.

Long-term financing

The most traditional loan that Veritas Noble can help you secure is that of long-term financing. With long-term financing, your business can acquire the cash needed to innovate and thrive, while paying back the loan over a longer period of time.

Typically, long-term financing is best for big expansions of a business, or large projects that are set to be undertaken.

If you are seeking a large amount of funding, long-term financing can be the ideal solution. The underlying principle of long-term financing is to finance the current projects of the small business or to expand the operations of the company as per the established business plan.

Research and Development Tax Credits

A brand new business usually has a handful of innovative people running it. While your long-term goal might be to have thousands of employees, you’re not there yet. Your business can apply to Research and Development (R&D) tax credits as long as you have fewer than 500 employees and less than £100 million in turnover annually, which qualifies your business as a small and medium enterprise (SME).

With this government grant scheme, your small company can receive a rebate, with no hidden fees, and no payback. The R&D grant scheme is not a loan, but instead, a means to incentivize small and medium-sized businesses to do creative research and development.

Can brand new businesses qualify?

Yes! The goal of R&D credits is to encourage small and new businesses to thrive, and even brand new businesses can take advantage of the rebate. The R&D credits can be applied once the first year of accounts is completed.

How does R&D credit work?

An SME claim for R&D credits adds an additional deduction to your company’s corporate tax calculation. The additional deduction is the company’s initial R&D costs, multiplied by 1.3 resulting in the R&D enhancement.

A taxable profit will be reduced by the enhancement and can reduce the tax bill entirely. In the event that the company experienced a loss, or a loss was created by the R&D credit enhancement, the government will then pay the company, thus, the R&D credit. Any given SME company can receive up to 230% of the R&D costs.

The government wants to incentivise small and innovative businesses, and by offering business funding, this can go a long way in helping your new small business succeed.

Curious if your business qualifies for the incentives?

Here are the prerequisites for your business to take advantage of the credit:

  • Fewer than 500 employees.
  • Less than £100 million in turnover annually.
  • UK limited company with a registered office in the UK.
  • Involved in the process of creating, developing, or researching a new process, device, product, material, or service.

Let Veritas Noble find the right financing option for your small business.

If your potential competitors have taken advantage of financing when you have not, this can be holding you back. If you’re unsure of which option is best for your business, our R&D specialists can answer any questions you may have.

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