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Business Funding UK

If your small or medium-sized (SME) business is struggling financially right now, there are options available to help provide your business cash. We worth with all businesses providing they have a registered office in the UK and have been trading for at least 12 months. If you have a new company and want to grow your businesses, we have a specialist loan scheme for startups that our team can assist with at any time.

From unsecured loans and asset finance to capital finance and long term finance, there are many options available to help your business innovate and continue growing. Veritas Noble offers many services to help get you back on your feet, with free consultations to see what options would best help your SME thrive.

Value-Added Tax Funding

Consumption taxes placed on a product is added at each stage of the supply chain, and can significantly impact the cash flow of your business is referred to as a Value-Added Tax (VAT). When money is tied up in VAT, your business has reduced working capital. Veritas Nobles can help by offering flexible financing for VAT funding so your company can continue operating smoothly. VAT bridging loans are quick to arrange, frees up working capital immediately, and is a relatively straight forward process when Veritas Nobles is helping.

Small Business Grants and government funding

Veritas Noble seeks to help improve the funding of your established business by illustrating the options you have at your fingertips, including government rebates (such as R&D credits) and small business grants.

Business funding does not just need to be in the form of loans, and with grants, you will not be expected to pay anything back. Finding the right grant for your small business can be exhausting and overwhelming, especially as a business owner who is juggling multiple sides of the business at once. Let the specialists help you find the grants that will best improve your financial stability. Fron grant schemes to credits, there are multiple ways to fund your business.

If you run a business that produces or develops creative or innovative processes, procedures, material, or technology, chances are, you can benefit from the research and development tax rebates of Ireland. Think your business doesn’t fit those requirements because it’s based in a field like construction, waste management, or civil engineering? Think again.

While it’s not exactly a secret, the R&D grant scheme is highly underutilized, and many companies that should be benefitting from the tax credits don’t even know they can apply. The staff of Veritas Noble can help you determine if the R&D credit is an option for your SME, can help you apply for the rebate, and get the rebate into your bank account.

We’re also happy to finance on your R&D credit if your rebate is taking longer than you’d like so that you can use the cash immediately.

Even when established businesses know they might be able to benefit from the R&D tax credit, they often decide against filling out the application because it seems tedious, overwhelming, or time-consuming. If you’re unclear on how to apply for it, we’ve got you covered. Stop missing out on a significant tax break, and get your deserved cash payment. The R&D credit was formed to help businesses like yours. It’s time to take advantage of that. Veritas Noble can help.

Asset-based financing for equipment

If you’ve exhausted your grants, you may want to turn to a more traditional business loan to acquire equipment. Veritas Noble can help you with that by establishing financing without relying on any existing assets your company has.

What is asset-based financing? In the simplest terms, asset-based lending a specialized financial approach to providing capital for the specific needs of the business that is secured by an asset of the company. Veritas Noble provides asset finance for equipment, which can be a life-saver when your company relies on manufacturing products. The main benefit of this is that this style of asset-based financing is not dependent on assets you already have. In simple terms, this style of asset lending is like renting the equipment for the length of the contract to make sure your small or medium-sized business continues to thrive.

Our wide range of lenders helps provide financing for assets ranging from paper shredders to vehicles to manufacturing machines. If you’re looking to arrange a short-term or long-term lease, Veritas Noble will find the best choices for your business.

Unsecured small business loans

Last but not least, Veritas Noble can help you finance small businesses with an unsecured small business loan.

When a company is very small, they often don’t have a lot of assets to offer as collateral against a loan. An unsecured business loan can help with that. Veritas Noble can help you obtain an unsecured business loan so that your company can be provided upfront capital. You repay the loan over a period of time, with flexible terms.

With no dependency on assets or collateral, the loan process is much faster, and your business can receive financing via the unsecured loan in as little as a few days.

At Veritas Noble, we know that a business is only as valuable as the products and services they can provide. This is why we’re eager to help you ascertain the right funding for your company.

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