Metal Recycling Facility – Case Study

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Metal Recycling case study

Metal Recycling Facility

CLAIM VALUE: £100,000

Who Are The Business?

Veritas Noble claimed a huge £100,000 for a metal recycling facility based in Warwickshire. The business has a focus on consolidating, processing, and trading a range of metal commodities.

How Are They Innovating In The Metal Sector?

This metal recycling facility was on the hunt to develop a mechanical process which would enable them to efficiently extract copper and aluminum from the cooling areas of commercial air conditioning units and refrigerators. 

Traditionally, this process would require manual labour, by hand-picking and sorting the materials for transportation across to large smelting plants in Asia. This procedure is highly costly, whilst having a catastrophic impact on the planet through shipping and use of polluting melting processes.

A series of trials were undertaken by the company for the four key stages that would be a necessity for this process; they included separation, granulation, sorting and extraction. Each step required tests, research, performance and improvements to extract the copper and aluminum at an accuracy of up to 99.9% whilst enhancing efficiency and sustainability.

Claim Your R&D Tax Credits

If your recycling facility has undertaken any project where you have invested in developing a new product or process that improves current methods, it is likely you are eligible for R&D tax credits. Get in touch with our specialist team today to find out more.

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