Plastic bottle Recycling Facility – Case Study

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Plastic recycling case study

Plastic bottle Recycling Facility

CLAIM VALUE: £150,000

Who Are The Business?

Veritas Noble claimed a huge £150,000 for a plastic bottle recycling facility based in Yorkshire. The business is committed towards achieving a circular economy, specialising in the materials recovery and energy from waste sectors.

How Are They Innovating In The Waste Sector?

This recycling facility sought to develop a new process that would improve the identification and sorting efficiency of companies seeking waste-to-energy solutions, whilst being lower in costs. They then identified a process where they could channel customers waste streams to different sites depending on their capacity and load-based suitability.

Initially, a sample of the waste would be sent for chemical and physical analysis to establish the calorific value; ash content, chlorine content, and others. When challenges would be presented, they would need pre-processing. The lack of intelligent technology meant that those challenges were poorly researched, often struggling to find solutions and requiring multiple trial-and-errors for varying types of waste profiles.

This project was a further development of this process, and involved the modelling of waste profiles to enable early identification and efficient forecasting of potential energy outputs. 

Studies undertaken enabled the company to reveal the average landfill input of different waste profiles and their properties. Further work will focus on the identification process to adapt existing sorting and picking lines to better prepare legacy sites and plants for a focus on conversion to include Waste-to-Energy as a viable part of their management process.

Claim Your R&D Tax Credits

If your recycling facility has undertaken any project where you have invested in developing a new product or process that improves current methods, it is likely you are eligible for R&D tax credits. Get in touch with our specialist team today to find out more.

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