Skip hire, Waste Collection and Recycling Company – Case Study

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Skip Hire & Waste Recycling Case Study

Skip Hire, Waste Collection and Recycling Company

CLAIM VALUE: £250,000

Who Are The Business?

Veritas Noble recently claimed a huge £250,000 for a skip hire and waste recycling company based in Northamptonshire. The business offers various skips to hire along with a specialist recycling service for both domestic and commercial waste.

How Are They Innovating In The Waste Sector?

This traditional skip hire and waste recycling company sought to treat in house all of the waste collected from customers sites, with the aim of no longer sending any waste to landfill.

The company trialled, tested and created a successful series of mechanical processes and systems so as to segregate, pick, sort, size reduce and quality control all waste streams flowing through their transfer stations. This enabled them to increase efficiency within their service, lower costs, and create a more sustainable process to limit waste which could have ended up polluting our environments.

Creating a zero to landfill system for a company processing hundreds of tonnes of mixed commercial and domestic waste a day is no mean feat, and much trial and error went into the creation of their bespoke hybrid processes, so at to divert 100% of the waste from landfill, provide clean waste streams for onward processing such as soil, vegetal, aggregate, metal, wood, plastic, cardboard, paper, textiles, and fabrics. They also quality control the entirety of the output materials including, cleanliness, moisture and radiation.

Claim Your R&D Tax Credits

If your waste business has undertaken any project where you have invested in developing a new product or process that improves current methods, it is likely you are eligible for R&D tax credits. Get in touch with our specialist team today to find out more.

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