Innovative Machine Created That Can Separate 12 Types Of Plastic

Plastic Waste

Machine Developed That Can Separate 12 Types Of Plastic Nearly 300 million tonnes of plastic waste are produced every year. Much of which is disposed of incorrectly or provides difficulty in recycling, resulting in polluting the planet further. To tackle the plastic waste issue we are facing, scientists have helped divert us away from this […]

Reusing Electric Vehicle Batteries For Renewable Energy Storage

lithium-ion car batteries

Reusing Electric Vehicle Batteries For Renewable Energy Storage Most often, used electrical vehicle batteries will not be recycled due to how they are built and the hazardous materials contained. “Currently, globally, it’s very hard to get detailed figures for what percentage of lithium-ion batteries are recycled, but the value everyone quotes is about 5%,” says […]

Training Microbes To Create Carbon-Neutral Fuel

Carbon-Neutral Fuel

Producing A Carbon-Neutral Fuel A team of researchers at the University of Washington have modified a microbe so that it can produce a usable biofuel that can be used in blends with diesel or gasoline. The three ingredients include carbon dioxide, solar panel generated electricity and light. How Have The Team Produced This Sustainable Fuel? […]

Singapore’s Floating Solar Farm On The Tengeh Reservoir

Singapores floating solar farm

Singapore Opens One Of The World’s Largest Floating Solar Farms Singapore’s floating solar farm announced its opening a few months ago, in a mission to increase solar energy capabilities by 2025. This innovative farm on the Tengeh Reservoir is made up of 122,000 solar panels, spanning across the size of 45 football fields! The creation […]

The UK Government Launches £2 Million Prize To Reach Zero-Carbon Shipping

UK Government Launches £2 Million scheme

The UK government has announced a £2 million prize to spark innovation within the shipping industry, in the hope to find a solution for zero-carbon ship building. The funding awarded for successful proposals will help support the research and development of prototype vessels and infrastructure. With the mission to cut greenhouse gas emissions, this is […]

Sustainable Jet Fuel – From ‘Wet-Waste’ to Paraffin

Sustainable jet fuel

Recent innovation has seen the creation of sustainable jet fuel in finding a solution to reduce the tremendous amount of carbon dioxide emitted during flight travel. Researchers in the US have now found a way in which they can use our food waste to turn it into a type of paraffin (hydrocarbon liquid that is […]

Robotic Mine Defuser: Destroying Maritime Mines Without Human Harm

multi-shot mine neutralisation system

Recent innovation in UK and French marine engineering has seen the creation of the Maritime Mine Counter Measures (MMCM) programme. This is a huge milestone in mine countermeasures; the first unmanned underwater bomb defuser. Created by french defense electronics group, Thales, the MMCM programme demonstrates a significant development for mine countermeasures, helping to protect frontline […]

Orbital: the online galaxy helping working from home feel more natural


In the past year, the shift to remote work has been monumental; with the exception of essential workers, most of the UK population were working in their homes in 2020. Despite the sudden change, a number of online communication platforms, such as Zoom, Skype, and Microsoft Teams, popped up to replace the previous in-person work […]

Asagumo: the UK’s First Moon Rover

asagumo rover on the moon

Once again, the UK science sector has produced an exciting new product as a result of research and innovation. British robotics company, Spacebit, has created the world’s first walking rover. This advanced piece of technology, which has been named Asagumo, will be doing its’ first trip to the Moon in 2021. Spacebit’s project will be […]