What Is Sustainable Construction & What Are The Benefits?

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what is sustainable construction

The Goal Of Sustainable Construction

Sustainable construction is where businesses construct with the impact on the environment at the forefront of processes used. This means companies completing construction projects can limit its environmental impact and reduce their carbon footprint.

The construction industry is constantly innovating to increase sustainability across the sector not only to help the planet, but adhere to new building guidelines. In fact, ​​the average large architecture, engineering, and construction firm plans to spend €3.5m on improving their sustainability efforts in the next five years.

3 Sustainable Construction Methods

1. Using Renewable & Recyclable Materials

One of the top methods includes using renewable and recyclable materials as sustainable construction materials. This means from the get-go, building materials used are green and push to preserve natural resources from being overused. Not only does this save raw materials, but also helps with reducing waste. Rather than materials simply being thrown away, people are creating recycled construction materials to use in projects.

2. Reducing Energy Consumption On The Finished Building

Secondly, we can reduce the overall energy consumption of a sustainable building. This may be through renewables such as solar panels installed, choosing energy efficient lighting, and installing innovative insulation. This will help to cut C02 emissions for the long term of the building’s lifetime.

sustainable building

3. Reducing On-Site Waste & Protecting The Surrounding Habitat

Making sure to recycle all of the waste created where possible, and ensuring no harm to the habitat is key for sustainable construction. This may involve reducing water pollution by keeping sand, cement and waste secure, recycling materials, and taking care to protect natural habitats.  

The Benefits Of Sustainable Construction

There are a range of benefits that come with sustainable construction and investing in innovative ways of reaching greener building practices. Sustainable construction is important in order to reduce pollution caused from traditional building methods. This means, across the world, we can push for more eco-friendly ways of constructing and cutting carbon footprints across the construction sector.

Greener buildings also come with lower operating costs, and can attract a wide audience. Your reputation can be boosted and recognised as a business that cares about the planet. This is important to pull in new clients and push your business in front of new people.

Rebates For Sustainable Construction Businesses

A range of funding is available for sustainable construction businesses, such as construction R&D tax credits. Standing for research and development, these are rewarded to businesses for their investment in innovation.

Sustainable construction businesses are often eligible for finding new ways to become more efficient and lower carbon footprints. Activities include creating advancements in their field, overcoming difficulty, modifying or innovating new processes, and integrating technology. 

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