How Much Renewable Energy Does The UK Produce

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How Much Renewable Energy Does The UK Produce

How Much Renewable Energy Is Produced In The UK?

According to the Government Energy Trends, record high of 2020 and renewables share of electricity generation increased to 41.4% from 39.6% last year. A large proportion of this was seen due to wind and solar power generation reaching new record highs.

What Types Of Renewable Energy Sources Are There?

The UK’s renewable energy landscape is diverse, with several sources contributing to the total electricity generation of the nation. Some of the main renewable energy sources in the UK include:

  1. a) Offshore Wind: The UK is a global leader in offshore wind energy, with numerous wind farms located in the waters surrounding the country. These offshore wind farms generate a significant portion of the UK’s green energy.


  1. b) Onshore Wind: In addition to offshore wind farms, the UK also has numerous onshore wind installations. These wind turbines are located across the country and contribute to the UK’s renewable energy mix.


  1. c) Solar Power: Solar energy has become increasingly popular in the UK, with residential and commercial installations of solar panels on the rise. Solar power contributes to the overall electrical generation capacity in the country.


  1. d) Biomass: Biomass energy is generated from organic materials, such as agricultural waste and wood pellets. Biomass power plants convert this material into electricity, helping to diversify the UK’s energy sources.


  1. e) Nuclear Power: Although not classified as renewable energy, nuclear power is a low-carbon energy source. The UK has several nuclear reactors that contribute to the country’s electricity system, further reducing the dependence on gas and coal.


What Are The Benefits Of Renewable Energy Generation?

The benefits of renewable energy generation in the UK are numerous, including:

  1. a) Reduced Carbon Emissions: By transitioning from fossil fuels to renewable energy sources, the UK can significantly reduce its carbon emissions, helping to mitigate climate change.


  1. b) Energy Security: Diversifying the UK’s energy mix with renewables reduces the dependence on imported natural gas and coal, increasing the country’s energy security.


  1. c) Economic Growth: The renewable energy sector has the potential to create numerous job opportunities and stimulate economic growth in the UK.


  1. d) Improved Air Quality: Replacing fossil fuels with renewable energy sources helps reduce air pollution, leading to improved public health.


  1. e) Grid Resilience: The integration of various renewable energy sources into the national grid increases the overall resilience of the electricity system, allowing it to better cope with fluctuations in demand.


How Can Green Tech Businesses Claim R&D For Innovative Projects?

Research and development (R&D) tax credits are a valuable incentive for businesses operating in the renewable energy sector. These credits can help offset the costs associated with developing and implementing innovative green technologies.

To claim R&D tax credits, renewable energy businesses need to:

  1. a) Identify qualifying R&D projects: Projects that seek to make advances in science or technology, or solve specific challenges in the renewable energy sector, can qualify for tax credits.


  1. b) Calculate eligible expenses: Eligible expenses include staff costs, materials, utilities, and subcontractor costs directly associated with the R&D project.


  1. c) Prepare documentation: Businesses must provide comprehensive documentation to support their R&D tax credit claim, detailing the projects undertaken, objectives, challenges, and associated costs.


  1. d) Submit the claim: R&D tax credit claims must be submitted to HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) as part of the company’s annual Corporation Tax Return.


Embracing Renewable Energy in the UK

The UK has been making significant progress in its transition to a greener, more sustainable energy sector. As the country continues to tackle climate change, renewable energy sources are increasingly being adopted to replace traditional fossil fuels such as gas and coal.

If you are looking for green tech R&D tax credits, then get in touch with our team today. We specialise in claiming tax incentives for the industry and can work with you on a successful claim.

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