Orbital: the online galaxy helping working from home feel more natural

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In the past year, the shift to remote work has been monumental; with the exception of essential workers, most of the UK population were working in their homes in 2020. Despite the sudden change, a number of online communication platforms, such as Zoom, Skype, and Microsoft Teams, popped up to replace the previous in-person work meetings. Their formal, scheduled nature was perfect for client meetings and important discussions. Yet, there was a gap in the market for an online communication platform which felt more natural. The latest innovation in tech has filled this gap. 

Orbital, an audio-first communication platform, is helping remote work feel a bit more normal. Orbital creates a galaxy for your business; one single platform where employees can work all day. The platform can be used for large team discussions, one-on-one meetings, or quiet solo work. The innovative platform uses audio only, meaning that employees can get on with their work without anyone knowing they have their pyjamas on. 

Top Features

Orbital, unlike the rigidity of many other professional communication platforms, is customisable. Within each galaxy, you can create and customise spaces with visuals and images, to replicate a real office or something a bit more wacky. For example, you can add a meeting room, multiple offices, and a chill out zone. These can even be customised to match your in-office aesthetic! 


The platform stays live all day, every day. There is only one permanent link, so your employees can save the one Orbital galaxy page to their bookmarks, and never need to search for a zoom or microsoft teams link again.  This means there will only ever be one link to the platform. For those who love the office buzz, they can move their icons closer together. For those who prefer working with less noise, they can move away to a quiet spot and get on with their day. You can ‘wave’ people over if you wish to have a discussion with them too. This platform works for all employees. For remote workers with home distractions, they can pop in and out of the platform as and when they want. The amazing nature of Orbital is that you can do what you like! 

Despite it’s casual and natural nature, it still functions just like a professional communication platform. For team meetings or idea sharing, staff can share their screens to give presentations, or update everyone on their progress. Anyone within a close proximity to your icon is able to accept the screen sharing and view your content. Furthermore, just like in real life, each meeting space is private, and can be used to have important, one-to-one meetings when needed. 

The visual nature of the platform makes navigation easy. You can see your whole office on your screen, and see where other members of your team are working. Fancy a quick break? Head over to the chill out zone where other staff members may be doing the same! 

Communication Innovation

Orbital presents a tech and communication innovation which is transforming how we work remotely. Many remote workers report struggles of isolation, feeling undervalued, and poor communication. Orbital works to solve these issues by creating a more natural atmosphere that better replicates in-office day-to-day life virtually. 

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