Top Innovations In The Automotive Industry

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innovations in automotive industry

How The Automotive Industry Is Innovating

The car sector has developed various innovative processes and systems used across both manufacturings, vehicle protection and accessories. As we push for advanced protection and new ways to manufacture vehicles, we are developing improved systems for both ourselves and the world. Reasons for this development have been for anything from protection to sustainability and efficiency. Take a look below at 3 of the top innovations in the automotive industry.


1. Paint Protection Film (PPF)

Paint protection film, such as XPEL PPF, is an innovative creation used to protect vehicles from damage. XPEL developed the world’s 1st self-healing film using elastomeric polyurethane, with a virtually invisible appearance and stain resistance. The film protects vehicles from harm such as scratches, environmental elements, bird droppings, tree sap and much more. They also developed their film using edge seal technology, eliminating the risk of lifting and delamination on the surface. 

paint protection film

Efficiency & Safety

2. Autonomous Vehicles & AI Manufacturing

Also known as a self-driving car, this was created to minimise the need for physical driving. AVs were designed to create a safer vehicle, limiting the risk of drowsiness and distractions that may pose a risk when driving yourself. To make this possible, AV vehicles are kitted with recognition technologies to complete routes safely and identify obstacles when on the move. 

As shared by Forbes, Tesla, the vehicle manufacturer accelerating the world’s transition to sustainable energy, has been one of the leaders in automotive AI adoption since its inception in 2003. One of the company’s primary innovations is an AI-powered interior camera above the rear-view mirror to improve cabin safety. Leveraging AI innovation, the camera detects and monitors drivers’ eyes to perceive their drowsiness and avoid on-road accidents. 


3. Electric Cars

Cutting pollution and increasing sustainability has been one of the main missions for manufacturers in the automotive industry. EV cars include battery technology to remove the need for gas to cut carbon emission. Recently, they have also been increasing battery life to make them more affordable and become more accessible to drivers. 

Smart charging options have also been introduced to allow drivers to control the time and rate of charge to cater to energy demand. Wireless charging has also been tested with a receiver placed below the vehicle and a pad that you can park over to charge up your car battery.

What’s Next For The Automotive Industry?

As you can see, over the years vehicles have improved a monumental amount with new technology and systems introduced. This is the way forward for manufacturers and us as drivers to improve the sector and increase our safety when on the roads. 

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