What Is Soil Remediation & How Can I Fund This?

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soil remediation

Everything To Know About Soil Remediation

Soil remediation is the process of reducing contaminant concentrations within soils. Through this, we can form stability in land and restore contaminated soils to their natural safe state. 

Once we convert contaminated land through remediation, soil pollution is reduced and there are no longer threats to human health. This means, for example, developers can build onto land safely. This may be to construct homes on a site without environmental risks.


What Does Treating Contaminated Soil Involve?

There is a range of treatment methods used for soil remediation. This will depend on the level of contamination and can be carried out in-situ, or ex-situ.

These treatment processes may be physical or biological treatment, and include the following when removing contaminants:

Treatment Bioremediation: Relies on micro organisms including bacteria to use the contaminants as a food source.

Thermal Desorption: This process removes organic contaminants from soil by heating them in a machine called a “thermal desorber” to evaporate the contaminants. 

Chemical Oxidation: This involves the injection or mixing of reactive chemical oxidants into groundwater and soil.

Soil Washing: Washing the soil allows you to remove hazardous waste and contaminants.

Soil Stabilisation: This technology relies on the reaction between a binder and soil to reduce the mobility of contaminants.


Soil Remediation Rebates UK

Land remediation relief (LRR) can be claimed if you are completing land remediation. This means you can achieve a reduction on your coporotion tax bill. Eligible businesses can claim a tax deduction of 150%. People who use this rebate include developers, commercial property owners, and investors that are completing the remediation of contaminated land. 

The benefits of this means that you can cut costs for your business, whilst restoring derelict land. This means we can boost finances whilst opening up new opportunities for damaged land.

Claim Land Remediation Relief With Us

If you are completing land remediation and looking to reduce your tax bill then get in touch with us today. We specialise in claiming LRR across the UK and can help you with a successful claim. 

Our specialist team has a range of experience, whilst also focusing on R&D tax credits for innovating businesses. This includes sectors such as construction, manufacturing, recycling, renewables, and much more. Operating on a no-win-no-fee basis, you have nothing to lose. 

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