The 5 Fastest-Growing Manufacturing Companies

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Even though we live in uncertain times, the UK’s economy has been quite resilient. The manufacturing industry in Britain contributes £6.7 trillion to the global economy.

We are currently the world’s eighth-largest industrial nation, and manufacturing makes up 44% of all UK exports. It’s safe to say that the manufacturing industry isn’t just holding its head above water; it’s thriving!

With that information in mind, what are the fastest-growing manufacturing firms in the UK? Here are the rising stars that are helping to boost the economy:

Luceco Plc (revenue range: £150M to £200M)

With over 70 years of experience, Luceco has become the market leader in key electrical categories. Their brands include Luceco LED Lighting, BG Electrical, Masterplug, and Ross.

Based in Telford, Shropshire, Luceco boasts annual global sales of more than £165 million. They have offices in various countries, making them a shining star in the manufacturing world.

In Telford, they have a 10,000 square metre manufacturing and distribution centre. Stocking over 2,000 product lines, they also provide a bespoke design service for retailers.

William King Ltd (revenue range: £150M to £200M)

The origins of William King Ltd date back to the early 19th century. They’re a family-owned independent metals service centre, and supply products to other manufacturing firms. Some of the industries they supply include automotive, construction, and domestic appliances. They also provide strip mill products and other materials.

Their continued investment in the UK has allowed their manufacturing facility in the West Midlands to grow to over 25,000 square metres. And the facility itself is on a twelve-acre site, known as the Atlas Centre.

Flowtech Fluidpower Plc (revenue range: £75M to £100M)

Formed in 1983, Flowtech Fluidpower is a supplier of fluid power products and solutions used in industries across the UK and Europe.

Boasting two divisions and several child growing companies, Flowtech Fluidpower employs 573 people across 29 locations. 85% of those employees are based in the UK, with the rest around the world.

They deliver essential components and custom solutions to businesses in the fluid power supply chain. Through their many brands, they manufacture and supply parts to a plethora of firms across the globe.

Synnovia plc (revenue range: £75M to £100M)

Formerly known as Plastics Capital Plc, Synnovia provides a wide range of plastics products and services. They supply automotive, domestic, and construction industries, to name but a few. Synnovia has several manufacturing and distribution sites dotted across England.

The products and services they offer are primarily to other manufacturers, both in the UK and abroad. In fact, they sell to over 80 countries worldwide!

Quixant Plc (revenue range: £75M to £100M)

Launched in 2005, Quixant is a company engaged in the development and supply of computer gaming systems. The products that they manufacture integrate with “pay to play” gaming machines.

Based in Cambridge, their products get built with a focus on the betting industry. Quixant’s systems typically get used in casinos and locations that allow sports betting. The company has offices in the United States and Asia.

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