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Pre-Fab Construction Firm

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Construction companies across the UK are benefiting from R&D (research and development) tax relief. This government scheme rewards construction businesses for their investment in innovation. The money is either received as a huge cash rebate or a reduction of your corporation tax.  

The aim of the scheme is to support research and development projects undertaken by companies in the construction sector. This will then provide a benefit to the UK and lead to economic growth, technological advances and innovation.

The government funding could be a great opportunity for you if your business has been investing in R&D projects and would like to claim back some of its costs as tax relief. This means you can earn money whilst advancing your services and attracting more clients.

Eligible R&D Activities In The Construction Sector

Below are a few examples of how you can claim tax credits in the construction industry. If you are completing any of the following qualifying R&D activities, then you may be eligible. Please note that you must be UK based, have spent money on these projects and be a limited company.

Developing structures from novel construction materials.

Innovating new methods of construction to introduce automation.

Integrating new or improved technology into buildings to overcome technical challenges.

Modifying existing components and fittings into sites with different constraints.

Creating or experimenting with new materials.

Investing in sustainable business practices to reduce your
environmental impact.

This is a brief list of R&D projects where you may be completing qualifying activities. If you are unsure, our team can find out your eligibility free of cost; working on a no-win-no-fee basis. This means we only take payment once you have received the government funds.

The Benefits Of R&D Tax Credits For The Construction Industry

The UK construction industry is constantly evolving, and the need for new technology and methods is always there. To stay competitive and to continue providing the best possible service to clients, construction companies must keep up with the latest innovations in their field. The incentive allows companies like yours to receive tax rebates for investing time and money into activities that further develop your company, whilst boosting UK innovation.

R&D expenditures are a great way for construction companies to lower their costs and expand their business by reducing tax liability. If you’re looking to grow your business with new technology, processes or products then the R&D tax credit scheme may be for you!

This is why Veritas Noble is here to help simplify the process. We are successfully claiming large cash rebates for businesses increasing efficiency, productivity or sustainability in their construction work.

Case Study

Roofing & Cladding Company

Claim Value £500,000

Why Choose Veritas Noble For Construction R&D?

We are a small, friendly yet professional team here to take the jargon out of the R&D application process. Our business makes the method time efficient by dealing with the whole submission, which makes it perfect for busy business owners. 

We have helped companies from a variety of sectors claim sums of money through the scheme. Many were even unaware of work included in their business that qualified for the credits. This is why it is so important to contact our team even if you are unsure whether you have completed eligible activities.

Find Out If You Are Eligible For R&D Tax Relief

If you are looking to claim R&D tax credits for your construction company then get in touch with our team today. We have experience in claiming over £4.6 million in R&D credits with a 100% track record. Specialising in claiming for the construction sector, our team is passionate about seeing the industry grow and pushing investment for innovative projects.

You can call our team on 01327 317561 or email info@veritasnoble.co.uk to start the process, or simply find out more about our services.

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