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Manufacturing R&D Tax Credits In The UK

At Veritas Noble we specialise in helping manufacturing businesses access valuable financial incentives. With a proven track record and an experienced team, we’re committed to ensuring your company takes full advantage of the R&D tax credits available to you.

Case Study

Metal Recycling Facility

Claim Value £100,000

Why Manufacturing Businesses
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  1. Industry-Specific Expertise

Our team of R&D tax credit specialists has a deep understanding of the manufacturing industry’s unique challenges and opportunities. This expertise allows us to identify qualifying R&D activities and optimise your claim value.

  1. Comprehensive Claim Management

At Veritas Noble, we manage the entire R&D tax credit process for you, from identifying eligible projects to preparing the necessary documentation and liaising with HMRC. Our end-to-end service ensures a stress-free experience for your business.

  1. Success-Based Fees

We are confident in our ability to deliver outstanding results. Our fees are contingent upon the successful approval of your R&D tax credit claim. If we don’t secure your R&D tax credits, you don’t pay us a penny.

  1. Excellent Customer Support

We pride ourselves on our dedication to client satisfaction. With our personalised approach, you can expect prompt responses, clear communication, and thorough guidance throughout the entire R&D tax credit claim process.

How R&D Tax Credits Benefit Manufacturing Businesses

Innovation is the lifeblood of the manufacturing industry. R&D tax credits were designed by the UK government to reward companies for their investment in research and development. Qualifying manufacturing businesses can recover up to 33% of their R&D expenditure, providing a significant cash injection to fuel future growth.

R&D tax credits can be claimed for a wide range of activities in the manufacturing sector, including:

  • Developing new or improved products, materials, or processes
  • Enhancing production efficiency and reducing waste
  • Streamlining supply chain management
  • Implementing advanced automation and robotics
  • Investing in energy-efficient technologies

Manufacturing R&D Costs Tax Relief

Manufacturing R&D costs play a critical role in determining the extent of tax relief that businesses can claim. By understanding and managing these costs effectively, companies can leverage the benefits of R&D tax credits to support their innovation efforts and drive long-term growth. There are several factors that influence manufacturing R&D costs, and consequently, the tax relief that businesses can enjoy.

Firstly, the scope and complexity of the R&D projects being undertaken significantly impact the costs involved. Large-scale projects with extensive research requirements demand substantial financial investment, which can translate into higher tax relief. Companies that strategically prioritise their R&D initiatives may experience a greater return on investment through tax credits.

The cost of acquiring or leasing specialised equipment, machinery, and technology for R&D purposes directly affects the claim. It is crucial for companies to evaluate the long-term benefits of these investments and balance them against tax relief. Adopting cost-effective technological solutions can help businesses manage their R&D costs while still reaping the benefits of tax credits.

Case Study

Plastic Bottle Recycling

Claim Value £150,000

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