How To Claim Corporation Tax Rebates In The UK

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Corporation Tax Rebates

Corporation Tax Rebates UK

As a business, there are a few innovative reliefs that you can claim to reduce your corporation tax. These can offer you a substantial amount of money and a reduction to your tax bill. This means you can reinvest in your business and save costs for your company.

What Corporation Tax Rebates Are Available In The UK?

Research and Development Tax Credits (R&D)

R&D corporation tax rebates are rewarded to businesses for their investment in innovation. This means if you are investing money in, for example, advancing your sector, you may be eligible. Below is a list of eligible activities that you may be undertaking:

  • Creating new equipment to increase efficiency
  • Modifying or designing advanced processes
  • Overcoming uncertainty by creating a new method


Contributing to the above might include design adaption and optimisation, prototyping, testing, production trials, and product design evaluation/development.

This is a generalised list and there are many other ways that you could be eligible for R&D tax credits. A team such as ourselves can help you discover where you may have completed eligible activities. Many businesses are unaware of work that they have completed which can achieve a corporation tax rebate through the scheme.

Land Remediation Tax Relief (LRR)

Another corporation tax rebate includes land remediation relief. Now, this is very particular, and only eligible for people including developers, commercial property owners, and investors that are completing the remediation of contaminated land. 

However, eligible activity can reward you with a tax deduction of 150%. Qualifying costs include treating buried structures, removing asbestos, Japanese knotweed, and arsenic, and the treatment of harmful organisms.

What Are The Benefits Of These Rebates?

Not only can you considerably reduce your corporation tax, but it also pushes businesses to invest in innovation. Having this boost helps people increase their focus on new, efficient, or more sustainable processes. Whilst this increases the profitability of your services, it also allows you to become a leader in your sector. 

LRR also increases interest in remediating contaminated land, which would sit derelict and unused. This means companies can revitalise damaged spaces and breathe new life into it. Both helping the environment and the economy of the area.

Reduce Your Corporation Tax With Veritas Noble

If you are looking for corporation tax rebates and believe you may fit any of the above, get in touch with our team. We can assist you with your claim and have a 100% success rate. 

Our specialist team makes the claim process simple and efficient, working with either you or your accountant. We also operate on a no win no fee basis, meaning we only get paid if you do. This means you have nothing to lose when contacting Veritas.

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