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r&d tax credit specialists

Each year, the government sets aside billions in funding for businesses to fund research and development to drive innovation. However, the guidelines for r&d (research and development) claims mean that many companies are unaware that they may be eligible to make a tax relief claim.

At Veritas Noble, we are experts in r&d tax, and we understand the eligibility of research and development tax. We can understand your business to discover if you are eligible to apply for this tax incentive. It isn’t just SMEs that can apply; businesses of all sizes can make a successful claim if you can demonstrate development activities.

R&D Tax Relief for UK Businesses

To claim r&d tax relief, we can help you identify your qualifying r&d activities. We will look through your day to day track records to see how you are working to grow your business and then combine this without expert in-house talent and knowledge to help you make a successful tax relief claim.

Not all research and development is about “reinventing the wheel.” It can also be about finding innovative ways to solve problems that your company experiences on a day-to-day basis or about overcoming a challenge that does not have an obvious solution.

Taking a risk by investing money in producing new products, processes, services, or information (or developing and improving what currently exists) is a good indication that you are engaging in research and development, which the government can reward with tax credits. And that is where we come in. 

We understand that innovation can come with a cost, and we want you to be able to develop your ideas with the proper funding. Being eligible for r&d tax credits can help you put some funding back into your company to continue your research. Allow us to help you determine if you can claim this tax incentive, regardless of whether you have paid tax as a business.

Who Are Veritas Noble?

At Veritas Noble, our highly trained and skilled experts are experienced in unlocking vast sums of monies and reliefs for clients. Our work in various sectors, including Waste, Recycling, Demolition and more, allows us to pursue our passion for protecting the environment by helping to improve efficiencies and drive innovation.

Part of this drive means being able to help UK businesses identify their r&d activities to make a successful claim for tax incentives to further aid progress.

Allow us to take control of your r&d claim to help you unlock hidden funding for your business. Our track record speaks for itself, and to date, we have helped our clients recoup over £4 million in r&d tax credits and corporation tax overpayments.

If you are invested in developing, modernising or inventing new ideas, you are likely eligible to be claiming r&d tax credits, and this is where we can help. Get in touch with our specialist team today to see how we can help you take advantage of this unique tax credit scheme and make a successful claim today.

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