Fastest Growing SMEs In Northamptonshire

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It’s no secret that, historically, Northamptonshire’s one of the top 50 primary industry was the manufacture of shoes. In fact, the well-known high street services specialist brand, Dr. Martens, still has a supply chain presence in the county (especially in the east midlands).

These days, the shoemaking industry is largely over in this part of the UK. Still, that doesn’t mean the county’s economy is now stagnant. If anything, the fastest growing businesses are from Northamptonshire. There are many SMEs (small to medium enterprises) in the county that are flourishing.

So, which are the fastest growing SMEs in the county? Below is a snapshot of some of the rising stars and the fastest growing companies in Northamptonshire’s economy:

J.A.P.S. Holdings Limited (Northampton – automotive sector)

Better known locally as Motorvogue, the company is a multi-franchise vehicle dealer. Founded in 2008, the brand has now expanded into other counties in England.  J.A.P.S. Holdings got formed by entrepreneurs Jon Pochin and Peter Norman.

In their flagship Northampton branch, they sell a variety of car brands under the one roof. Today, the firm is one of the fastest growing SMEs in the county, according the Northamptonshire growth report, boasting an average growth rate of 58%.

RML Group Limited (Wellingborough – manufacturing sector)

An industry-leading engineering concern that delivers world-class motorsport and automotive solutions. RML Group are also EV (electric vehicle) technology specialists. They develop road and race application solutions for EVs.

The activities of the RML Group can be traced back as far as 1936. But, the company as it stands today was formed in 1984. RML Group offers solutions focused on the automotive, motorsport, defence and restoration sectors. They currently enjoy a growth rate of 51%.

Sloane Helicopters Limited (Northampton – manufacturing sector)

Primarily a sales and engineering company, Sloane Helicopters was formed almost five decades ago. Billed as the most accomplished on-shore helicopter company in Europe, they are still a family-run firm.

Sloane Helicopters provides support professional services from its base in Northampton. It also has two other bases; one in Northolt; and the other in Enniskillen, Northern Ireland.

Their engineering division offers many services from routine maintenance through to parts fabrication. Sloane Helicopters has a current growth rate of 46%.

Barwood Homes Holdings Limited (Northampton – real estate and construction sectors)

After starting from humble beginnings in 2010, Barwood Homes Holdings is now an established real estate brand. In just nine years, the company has a solid property portfolio that comprises 14 residential developments.

Their existing developments are spread out across central England. And the firm is planning some more in the East and West Midlands.

Barwood Homes is fast becoming a nationally recognised name in the new build market. At present, they enjoy a growth rate of 46%.

Panther Warehousing Limited (Northampton – transport services sector)

A Northampton born and bred brand, Panther Warehousing offers premium home delivery services. Founded 20 years ago, they provide services for several national retailers such as Bath Store.

Today, the company operates a seven day a week service and gets supported by a fleet of 350 vehicles. Part of their service appeal is the fact their delivery teams wear uniforms and white gloves! They have a current growth rate of 41%.

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