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To ensure a smooth process in dealing with your R&D claim efficiently, here's a handy guide to the next steps

The steps to a successful claim

At Veritas we want to ensure your experience is smooth and efficient. These are our 8 steps to a successful R&D claim.

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1. Engage Veritas Noble

Sign our agreement and submit your proof of identity through our online portal.

2. Provide financial data

You will receive an email requesting standard financial information

3. Telephone meeting with your consultant

You will discuss your business with our consultant. They will ask you about your business activities and then decide which of these fit the criteria with HMRC for your R&D tax claim.

4. Report writing

Our consultant will write the report and tabulate the companies costs on R&D qualifying activities following their telephone conversation with you, and financial analysis of the data previously supplied.

5. Checking the report

You will receive a draft copy of the report and our consultant will discuss this with you checking your satisfaction with its content, and accuracy against listed R&D projects.

6. Submit the report

once we we have received your authorisation to submit your claim with HMRC, the draft report will be formalised and then this document will be submitted to HMRC on your behalf.

7. HMRC Questions & Queries

Should an HMRCinspector require more information in support of your claim we will liaise with you and reply on your behalf until the inspector is satisfied with the information supplied

8. Receipt of Benefit

After 4- 6 weeks you will be notified that your claim was successful and your benefit will be sent to your company and any tax offset applied

What financial information do i need to prepare?


Company Accounts

You'll need to provide us with the last two years worth of statutory accounts


Purchases & Costs

We'll need to understand what your company has bought to support your R&D activities. These can be put into a list.


Payroll Information

We'll need a list of the names on your payroll and associated amounts. Including Tax, NI and pension contributions.


Tax Returns

We'll need access to your last two years worth of company tax returns


Subcontractor Payments

We'll need a list of any subcontractors or outsourced specialists that you've paid and the amounts.

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